Thursday, 17 May 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful: Part One

  1. This song...obviously! And somebody did a great job of matching pictures to all the lyrics for that YouTube video.
  2. The sound of rain. Especially when I'm drifting to sleep. The heavy plop of each drop hitting the ground, and the soft splatter of raindrops on glass. Sometimes I open up the window by my bed so that I can hear the outside sound more clearly, and this lets the smell of fresh damp earth into my room. Today I learned that the name for this smell is 'petrichor'.
  3. Perfect nail polish. Usually I forget my nails are still wet, and I reach into my pocket, clench my fists, or run my hands through my hair. Disaster! But occasionally I manage not to do anything absent-minded, and I end up with perfectly smooth, shiny nail polish which I cannot stop admiring. My sense of accomplishment when this happens is similar to how Michaelangelo probably felt when he'd finished painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
  4. Dogs. I love dogs. They are so silly and funny - ridogulous, even. Legend has it that dogs were made when a wolf was really excited about something. One day I'd like a dog of my own, but in the mean time I just appreciate dogs whenever I see them. Sometimes I can't help giggling out loud when I see a dog being especially cute.
  5. A nice cup of tea. I have a tiny teapot with a matching cup and saucer. The teapot makes just enough for two teacupfuls, and has an assortment of cartoon animals, toadstools, clouds and rainbows on it. I think everybody has their favourite cup or mug that makes them feel just a bit happier than all the other drinking vessels. If you don't, perhaps you should get one!
A cute tea set makes the tea even better!

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