Tuesday, 22 May 2012

More bracelets

I'm really proud of the latest two bracelets I've made. Mainly because I've been able to photograph them really well thanks to a rare day of British sunshine!

They are both on sale in my Folksy shop, but if it wasn't so determined to sell something I would be wearing them right now! I can definitely see my bracelets improving as I practise, and I really love the look of these two.

I have also been making some more charms out of shrink plastic, and I now have a full set of weather charms (clouds, rainbow, raindrop and lightning bolt) waiting to be added onto a bracelet!

In other news, everything went well at the bank, and as soon as I get my new debit card in the post I'll be off to the 3 store to get a shiny new phone!

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