Saturday, 19 May 2012

I get crafty.

I've started a new hobby today! I was sorting out my cupboard and I found a box of odds and ends, beads, sequins etc. I decided to put them to good use and make some bracelets. So, off I went to Hobbycraft to buy some elastic and hemp cord, and I ended up buying a load of glass beads as well because it turns out they have a pick-and-mix for beads. Finally, a pick-and-mix that doesn't rot your teeth or make you fat!

So first of all I decided I would use up all the random plastic beads I'd found at home. These were mostly from those children's bead kits you get every Christmas if you're a they were all quite cheap and cheerful and brightly coloured. I sorted them into similar colours and then made 'hotchpotch' bracelets, and even though they are so basic and took me such a short time, I think they are rather good!

Next I tried my hand at macramé, which is the 'art' of tying knots in a bit of string. I made two hemp bracelets following this tutorial, only instead of just having plain hemp all along, I strung a bead onto one of the central strands of hemp every few knots, and wove around it. I finished it with a large glass bead to fasten. My second attempt looked a lot better than the first, and hopefully I'll get them looking perfect with a bit of practise!

I also ordered some more fancy beads online, which will be getting delivered on Monday, I hope! As well as a random selection of plastic beads (ooh, exciting!) there are some rainbow stripy beads, silver sea creature charms and silver unicorn charms. I am planning on making some truly ridiculous ~~*RAINBOW UNICORN*~~ bracelets, as well as some nautical-style ones.

I have endless ideas for cute necklaces and rings as well. I might open up an Etsy shop if I think people would be interested in them. I won't exactly make a fortune but it will be nice to fund my new jewellery habit and maybe get a little pocket money out of it.

I also sent in four job applications today, so my time has been well spent, in my opinion!

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