Thursday, 17 May 2012


I was supposed to be going out with my friend today but she hasn't called me so far so I guess it's not going to happen after all. So instead I've spent the morning getting all nostalgic over my 2010 holiday in America. My parents and I each wrote a travel journal, so I have been re-reading those and wishing I could relive that whole trip from start to finish. I have put up a link to the blog I kept during that holiday, in case anyone fancies reading about my adventures (though my parents' journals were much better in my opinion). Right now I'm up to the part where we were just leaving Death Valley, remembering how unbearably hot it was, and how amazing the desert landscape was, stretching endlessly off into the distance. And then just now I paused reading and looked outside, at the grey day and the clouds hanging over England... it's hard to believe I'm even on the same planet!

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