Monday, 28 May 2012

My new new plan

It seems like I keep making new plans, then new new plans, then new new new plans. It's because life is complicated, and getting a job - any job, even one on the lowest rung - is becoming more and more like a competition these days. You'd think we were entering a contest to win a flatscreen TV, not just a job that we still have to do the actual hard part of working at, even after we've won the contest.
Anyway so, considering I am failing at even getting an interview to work as a cashier in a supermarket, I have decided I need to take this in even babier steps than I'd even thought possible before. So now my plan is this:
  1. Volunteer at a charity shop, where they will employ me even though I have no marketable skills whatsoever, because I'll be working for free and also helping to raise money for medical research etc. 
  2. Gain skills I can put on my CV. Also have a nice time and meet new people and donate my time to a worthy cause, instead of sitting at home despairing because I'm so useless. 
  3. Use these skills to get a proper paid job of some sort. Even if it's just working in Morrisons or something. 
  4. When I am earning money, learn to drive. Become even more employable than ever before. 
  5. Finally manage to find myself a proper grown up job, maybe, if I'm really lucky. 
  6. Orrrr... say 'fuck this' and go travelling like my brother who is in New Zealand at the moment and having a great time. 
Also throughout this time I will continue writing, making my jewellery, learning new things and generally remaining very positive about my situation, because really I've got it very easy and I'm very lucky to have so many options in life. 

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