Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I love volunteering :)

It's been quite a busy few days so I haven't had a chance to write a blog post in a while. On Friday, Saturday and Tuesday I have been working at the British Heart Foundation charity shop, and I really love it there. My favourite part is -  surprisingly - serving customers, which I expected to be really scary and terrible. I think I should stop believing the accounts of retail work by antisocial teenagers! I'm sure it is terrible if you hate people and consider smiling to be a chore, but personally I enjoy meeting everybody, helping them and giving them suggestions. And I have been told I'm very sweet and polite, so hooray!

On Sunday and Monday John was here, and we went to Portsmouth so he could buy some new clothes and things. He actually ended up buying more for me than for himself. I would never dream of asking for him to buy me things, but he really loves spoiling me rotten and I have trouble saying no to an offer of Jack Wills shorts, t-shirt and underwear! I think part of the reason he spent so much on me was that loads of the female employees of Jack Wills were eyeing him up (or so he says!) and he wanted to impress them by buying me stuff. I'm not quite sure how that line of thought works, but it got me some new clothes so I won't complain!

John is working night shifts all week, so he is home during the day, but obviously very tired. He said he really wants me to come and see him today, but that was before he started his shift so I'm predicting that he will say 'Actually...I really want some sleep!' I want to find out what is going on, but I don't want to ring him and wake him up.

I think tomorrow is when I am supposed to be finding out whether or not I got the job at LittleMedia. I probably haven't got it. Looking back on the interview, I did look kind of scruffy after walking all the way from the station, and I probably didn't seem very professional. I guess the fact that I look really young for my age doesn't help either, but that is something I cannot change and I just have to hope I come across an employer who doesn't care what I look like!

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