Friday, 22 June 2012

Folksy Friday - Rain

To 'celebrate' the ridiculously unpredictable weather we have been having lately, this week's Folksy Friday has a rainy theme. These brilliant handmade products are sure to brighten up even the most miserable of rainy days! Clicking the caption beneath each picture will take you to the item on Folksy.

Cheerful Yellow Umbrella Ring by Illydilly Delights

Come Rain or Shine Felt Brooch by Material Daydreams
Women's Rain Hat by Moaning Minnie Designs
Cloud and Raindrops Mobile by Claireoncloud9
English Summer Necklace by The Magpie's Daughter
Wellies Greeting Card by Little Paper Gallery

Welsh Raincloud Necklace by Maggie Jones Enamels
Out of the Rain Print by Blackoutwell
Autumn Rain Notebook by Lucy's Happy Place
Crystal Rain Drop and Umbrella Earrings by Oddeye's Gems

I just love all of these designs, and I really like the idea of photographing jewellery onto printed text, it looks so much better than having a plain white background I have been using, so I think I might have to steal this idea in future! 

And a glance out of the window tells me that the rain seems to have stopped, for now...


  1. Thank you for featuring my Autumn Rain notebook in your lovely post. Your blog is very cute :) & i'm now your newest follower.
    I too have done a Folksy Friday post today if you fancy a peek:

    Big up the Folksy bloggers!!

    1. Thanks a lot, I have followed you back :)

  2. Lovely Folksy friday theme! I did a weather one last week for the same reason, hope we get some sunshine soon!


    1. Thanks! And yeah your weather post was the one that inspired me to start doing Folksy Fridays - you featured my weather charm bracelet and I was so proud haha :) xx