Wednesday, 6 June 2012

First proper sale

Someone finally bought one of my pieces of jewellery from Folksy! As in, someone other than a friend or family member. This is the first time I actually have to package and post an item, and the first time I can say beyond a doubt that this is not just a pity-sale! It is a really good feeling knowing that somebody genuinely just plain liked one of my creations enough to pay for it.

I've branched out into necklaces and earrings now, though I have yet to list them in my shop, because the weather hasn't been sunny enough for me to take brilliant photos of them. I suppose I should invest in a good lamp at some point.

Tonight I'm going out with my parents to see Jim White in Brighton. Jim White is an American alternative-country musician who used to be a preacher. We're also going to eat in a restaurant called Sam's of Brighton which is meant to be really good, so I'll probably write reviews of both of those things when I get the chance.

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