Friday, 15 June 2012

Folksy Friday - Turquoise

Inspired by having one of my own items featured in Studio Parlay's Folksy Friday (mine is the weather charm bracelet!), I have decided this will be a new feature of this blog. Each Friday I will choose a key word or theme, and post 10 of my favourite Folksy finds that relate to it. This week I have chosen 'turquoise' because it is my favourite colour, and because I have been humming along to Jim White's 'Turquoise House' all day! Click each caption to see the listing and maybe help out these talented crafters.

Large Turquoise and Starfish Pendant by Oorla Jewellery
Turquoise Silver Bracelet by Wire Moon
Scooter Greetings Card by Stampa Cantina
Lavender Rabbit in Turquoise and Aqua Blue by pouch
Fun Turquoise Retro Toys Print Cushion by Court & Spark
Turquoise Tutu by Strawberry Annie's

Turquoise, Blue & Floral Mouse Doorstop by velvetpaws

Stained Glass Fish Suncatcher by Carole's Glass

Turquoise Ring Handle Bag by TheCottonBee

Turquoise, Teal, White Beaded Bracelet by SP Jewellery 

Phew, that's a lot of turquoise! By now, the word 'turquoise' looks really strange and I keep having to double check that I haven't misspelt it... So this has been my first Folksy Friday! Tune in next week for my next showcase of fantastic handmade items!


  1. This is lovely - some really fab picks! Thank you so much for including Court & Spark :)

    Great blog!


    1. Thanks a lot, and you're very welcome, those cushions are fantastic!

      Florence x