Friday, 6 July 2012

Folksy Friday - Books!

I didn't get around to doing Folksy Friday last week, because I was busy all day at the charity shop and I just plain forgot about it once I got home! I could have done it the next day instead, but 'Folksy Saturday' just doesn't have the same ring to it ... Anyway, to make up for it, this week's Folksy Friday is extra special, with a literary theme to match all the book reviews I've been writing lately. I've found some beautiful notebooks as well as some lovely book-related jewellery and accessories.

I have a thing about notebooks. I keep almost buying new ones for myself, before I remember I'm no longer at University and I don't really have a use for them any more. D'oh! Perhaps I should start sitting in coffee shops or park benches and writing in fancy notebooks so I can look all sophisticated like.

Anyway without further ado, I present to you this week's Folksy picks!

Penguin Classics Cameo Brooch by Literary Emporium

Happy Matryoshka Notebook by Handmade by Edwina

Upcycled 1985 Topper Notebook by Peony and Thistle
Harry Potter Book Charm Bracelet by KawaiiCandyCouture Jewellery

Book Locket and Key Necklace by Josephines

Butterfly Notepad by Ginger's Altered Bits

Sketchbook by Beetrootshed1

Caterpillar Bookends by Gigglewood Crafts

Sherlock Book Earrings by Bookity

Book Handbag by Pendipidy Book Bags 

Thanks to all the talented crafters whose items I have featured in this post, and I will be back next week with another Folksy Friday (no more slacking this time!)


  1. Thank you for including my note book, love the other items included.

    Carol x

  2. What a lovely and interesting selection of items from Folksy. Fabulous! Thank you for including my notebook. Nice to meet you too! Edwina

  3. Thank you for featuring my Penguin brooch on your lovely blog. Will be bookmarking your blog for future reading :)

  4. Thanks very much for including our Topper notebook! What a great selection of goodies!

  5. Lovely folksy friday and hi from your newest follower ;-) @jaysmonkey